runners in 2017

Benefits of Running

The benefits of running are countless, from better health to a clearer state of mind, everyone has something that makes running worth it to them. Some of the most common benefits include better health, a result of regular exercise which helps keep your muscle and heart healthy, a clearer state of mind, provided by time to unwind during a run, and social benefits of running with others or using it as a new hobby.

Why Running?

The data above speaks for itself: running is one of the most popular sports there is, but also one of the most dangerous ones. These dangers are nothing life-threatening, though they're more than a mild annoyance. These injuries can range from car accidents to a broken or sprained leg. Because of this, it's important to teach runners across the world better safety techniques to prevent these injuries.

Furthermore, the benefits of running for the mind and body prove why it's so popular, which is why we are dedicated to encouraging more people to start running and learn about themselves and the world.