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Introducing the StayRunning Basic Running Guide. This free guide will provide you with a holistic view of running, helping to keep you injury free throughout your running career.

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What's Included

  • Physical Therapist Approved Content
  • Warmup Stretches
  • Cooldown Activities
  • Diet Information
  • Training Plan
  • Injury Prevention Techniques
  • Strength Building Exercises
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Who This Guide Is For

StayRunning's mission is to create an inclusive running community in which all people can be accepted and strive for greatness together. This comprehensive running guide is designed to help more people start runnning while ensuring the longevity of their running journeys.

Running Beginners

The comprehensive running guide provides information designed to help new runners develop a training plan and proper form.

Recreational Runners

Whether trying to improve your times or recover from your injuries. The StayRunning Guide contains physical therapist approved techniques perfect for recreational runners.

Our Writers

Hannah attended WashingtonU in St. Louis for Physical Therapy. Recently, she has been focused on advanced manual therapy, pain management, vestibular rehabilitation, and treating runners.
Hannah Wirta
Physical Therapist - Greenwood PT
Kaeden is one of the elite runners in Washington State in the 5000 meter event. He has a passion for running and has expertise on running form, strength exercises, and recovery techniques.
Kaeden Brinkman
Varsity Cross Country Runner
Emily Chang has been running throughout her entire life. She competes as a varsity level athlete and specializes in warmup and cooldown techniques.
Emily Chang
Varsity Track & Field/XC Runner
Sam is one of the most passionate and adaptive runners on our team! He competes at a varsity level in the 1600 meter, and specializes in nutrition and training plans.
Sam Mahlman
Varsity Track & Field Runner

StayRunning is aimed to improving your overall lifestyle. This page is designed for running for beginners, to ensure that they understand how to run.

The techniques will teach knee pain running techniques, and ensure that it will quell it. Additionally, this will outline a perfect beginners guide to running. Furthermore, this is perfect for people who are looking for running for weight loss. Moreover, knee pain after running, runner's knee , and runners diet are some of the main things we will be going over.

The course will also cover how to run faster,running injury, accessories, and overall how to increase running speed. We will also be presenting a treadmill workout. Finally, the program will entail how to run, and the best runners breathing techniques.