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Runners and future runners can be found everywhere, that's why we focus on many different channels and programs to find runners as well as engage them.

Online Educational Events

Hosted every few weeks and backed by PTs, our online educational events are free and informative for beginners and seasoned runners

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StayRunning Blog

Our Blog features content from our team, PTs, and volunteer runners who love writing. Our content varies from educational pieces to inspiring stories from other fellow runners.

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We constantly work to come to local 5ks and marathons to help find new runners to join our community as well as talking to other runners to learn what we can do to help our community.

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Social Media

To continue to find new runners and try to engage more people to stay active and start running, we actively launch social media campaigns to engage users. Check out our most recent Instagram challenge where we raised money to fight Covid-19.

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Seattle, WA

About Us

StayRunning was founded by a group of High school track and cross country athletes with one shared love: running. Since founding, we have worked to coordinate with local schools for after-school programs that encourage running, attended local 5ks and marathons, worked with PTs to publish educational information, and much much more.

Help Educate Runners & Empower The Next Generation

As a volunteer for StayRunning you can help your local community by educating local runners and reaching out to local schools to teach the importance of running.

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Our Events

Check out some of our past physical and virtual events

2 Dec
Seattle Marathon 2019

The StayRunning team attended Seattle Marathon to raise awareness for our cause and educate runners at the event.

10 Nov
Run Scared 2019

The StayRunning team attended Run Scared to raise awareness for our cause and educate runners at the event.

The StayRunning Blog

Educational and inspiring stories from the StayRunning team and fellow runners.